Interesting Post on How to Be an Creative Web Designer

Here is an interesting post on how to become creative web designers by eating properly. When I first saw the title, I thought this post is just simply talking about creativity, but it’s actually about food, and how you should eat properly to be more creative. Since I love food, and love bright colors so much, I love this post. Admittedly, this applies to everybody, but it provides some interesting examples of web design, and purposefully reminds web designers to eat properly.

1stWebDesigner: 10 Best Kept Secrets to Become More Creative by Boosting your Brainpower 

Under this post, there are also related readings to remind web designers  to keep healthy sleeping habits and keep fit. These are reminders to the phenomenon that many freelance web designers and developers are living in not very healthy life styles because they have to stay up late to code, and sit in front of the computers for long time. So, let’s be healthy, happy, and user-centered web designers!


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