Navigation and Selection among Multiple Factors

I’m looking for a new pair of glasses because my eye sight is sadly going downhill again. I stare at the computer screen for too long and work too hard 🙂 😦 So I launched, and selected the first one among “shop complete glasses”, “shop frame only” and “shop lenses only”. Here came a page with a super long list of factors to select. The following (Pic. 1) is a zoom-out version of the page clearly indicating how long the list is, with all the whitespace on the right. What’s worse, all the factors are listed on the left as a single click, and the user cannot choose multiple factors. It’s not dynamic, just as indicated in the second screen shot (Pic. 2). All the choices are in a plain list. All the numbers are listed, this is why it’s taking so much space. The number should be designed as a bounded input field with up-and-down arrows.  Moreover, parallel with “shape”,”rim”,”material”, “gender”, “brand”, “price”, “color”, “eye size”, “country of origin”, etc, there is one labelled “category”. “Category” is too much of a generic word. All the previous can be categories. This doesn’t indicate clear hierarchy  It should be renamed more specifically as “glass type” or something in a more specific nature.

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Pic. 3

This website does have an advanced search function, but it also has problems. It has two separated parts which serve the same purpose. They explain “B Measurement” in the individual glass frame page, but not here in the search. This is very inconvenient for the users, since they would most likely land on this search page first, and then the individual glass frame page. Also, after I configured the advanced search, it took me to the results, I couldn’t further filter the results using the tool bar on the left. I had to go through the long result list one by one. When I went back to Advanced Search, all my previous configurations were gone, and I had to re-do it again.

Pic. 4

I think it is the bread-and-butter for online shopping websites to have good navigation features to allow users to find the products they like. The shopping site can be failing if the users cannot easily locate and browse what they want. Intelligent recommender system can also further help the users to get to the products they like. Amazon and eBay are doing a much better job in this regard. Admittedly, they are bigger and richer companies, but every big and rich company started from somewhere.


4 thoughts on “Navigation and Selection among Multiple Factors

  1. I’ve been wanting to get prescription Gunnar computer glasses, but have to go to Indy to do so and haven’t had time. Maybe winter break. Anyway, why wouldn’t you have your glasses made at a doctor’s office?

    • 1. Buying online is way more cheaper than getting a pair of glasses from the doctor’s. 2. Don’t have time, buying online is easier. 3. With buying online, I can view all the options clearly, while in the doctor’s office, they will tell me this is the best, and charge me a lot of money for the best, and I am sometimes too polite to ask them all the details, and I sometimes don’t understand the technical words they say, with online store, I can use a dictionary to look up the words I don’t know. 4. The doctor’s doesn’t carry as many pretty and cute frames as the online store. I guess these can be generalized to reasons why people buy all kinds of stuff online.

      • Yes, except the lenses need to be fitted to your size so that you look through the right point in the lenses. I don’t know how safe it is to wear glasses that are not fit to align properly with your eyes.

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