Ditch Wireframing, Go Prototyping

I run into a couple of articles arguing that traditional wireframing is not as useful as prototyping in the browser nowadays. They argue that designers should go straight from sketches to coding using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Designers have to be able to code to some extent!

Why Prototyping Beats Wireframing

Ditch Traditional Wireframes : this gives good descriptions of different fidelities of wireframing. If you have time, please also read the comments to this article, there are many different opinions there.

Time to Dump Wireframes

Time to Dump Wireframes 2

How do you think?


2 thoughts on “Ditch Wireframing, Go Prototyping

  1. My limited experience leaves the impression that the HTML/CSS files written by the designers do not actually reduce the workload of the developers. They are not often reusable to a great extent, and do not fit into the exact software architecture, though the looks are similar, the back-end developers still need to rework almost everything.

  2. I’d say that this is one of those “it depends” type of issues. A lot of these articles, especially the list one (your first link) are focused on the designer, not the audience. Ironically, not very user-centered. So, given the audience you need to communicate with, what is the best way (effective and efficient) to communicate design ideas?

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