Our Video is Being Used for Getting High School Students Know Engineering

Me and another two team members made this video last year as part of the course project for “History and Philosophy of Engineering Education”.

We had so much fun in recording and editing that video last year 🙂 Of course, we also put lots of thoughts and efforts in it.

I am so excited to know that our undergraduate recruitment director recently requested this video for doing a presentation about engineering to high school students!

I am also surprised that the high school blocks YouTube and that’s why the teacher wants a hard copy of the video from us, but then they managed to download the video. I thought things like blocking YouTube only happens where I come from, but obviously, it happens here too. There are things on YouTube that maybe too entertaining and might distract students from studying, but there are also educational videos on YouTube such as Kuhn’s academy. The cyberspace is a large container that has all good and bad, bright and dark things, it’s a decision that we have to learn to made what to take from the super diversified cyberspace.