Are SNS and Microblogging Killing Blogs?

I encountered this post today:

The blog post talks about whether Facebook is killing blogs. It mentioned Indonesia. I think similar thing happened in China, but not necessarily true here in the US.

The China popular SNS Renren, though looks very much like Facebook, has IMO way better embedded function for blogging. It is similar as Note on Facebook, but they don’t call it note, they call it diary or blog. So the users get the sense that they can write way longer things here than Facebook note. So they started to write blogs and the community of Renren has made it way easier to share the blogs than an independent wordpress or blogger blog (of course, wordpress and blogger are blocked in China but there are other services). In my network, the most shared content probably would be (1) how to find jobs as college graduate (2) how to improve your English skill (3) how to go study abroad (3) how to cook while you study abroad (4) personal life and opinions (5) funny stuffs that distributed fast across the whole site because of sharing.

My personal experience was that I soon abandoned my own blog after starting to use Renren blog. While users like me who just want to find a place to publish and share would abandon the blog, people who are really enthusiastic about their subject and businesses will still keep the blog, like this article mentioned. I feel (just personal opinion) People in the US tends to be more independent and enthusiastic about their own topics while in China they like go to the community and sharing very practical things like job hunting and house buying etc.

Also as I mentioned, because the Facebook Note function is not really perceived as a blogging, I seldom see my Facebook friends use it, much less than the Blogging sharing in Renren. We probably don’t need to worry about blogs here at least in a short term. While in China I feel Renren and Sina Weibo (a Microblogging service) are really start to obsolete the blogging market. Although Renren and Facebook look very much similar, they are cultivating different cultures and fostering different user behavior patterns.

Pls excuse typos and logic and paragraph formatting, because I am using my iPhone tying all this. Using the WordPress app for the first time 🙂