Is Internet Culture a Geek Culture?

I tried not to be a geek before. Although I came from an engineering background (this is a stereotype that engineers tend to be geeks), but the engineering department was too small in that university compared with psychology, education, literature, philosophy and science. I never really regard myself as an engineer, though I work hard and team hard.

I don’t know about video games, I don’t know about Internet memes, I don’t know about comics, and I don’t know about acronyms and “stupid” jokes. I am kind of a unique person from my generation, I was doing things so goal-oriented that I think I shouldn’t do any irrelevant things. Those were all irrelevant to me before, so I didn’t know any of them. I still think I should spend the limited time of my life on achieving my goals, otherwise I won’t get there. I don’t have so much spare time. However, these things become relevant to my goals now, because I feel pressure that in order to be a good programmer (though Hanjun warned to be careful to call myself programmer), in order to be a good social media researcher, I have to become a geek somehow.

I am quite nice, open, and human-centered person. I think myself more as a researcher. I have to stand at a higher point to embrace the geek culture.

What are the differences among geek, nerd and tech-savvy? (I know I should Google it, just forgive me being lazy and busy once. Could this become a troll? Not enough.)