Towards Being Professional

I went to TREC to play badminton yesterday morning, as I planned for this semester, I should go to play badminton every Saturday morning. I was playing badminton for fun here and there for all my life before I came to the US. Mostly I was playing in the backyard, or some random outdoor places, and never really become good at it. I don’t even know the rules for playing in a badminton competition. Now I realize that if I am going to sick with my plan and play every week at TREC with all those “professional” badminton buddies, I have to be professional! First of all, I should invest in a decent badminton racquet, preferably from YONEX, the world #1 badminton racquet brand. I should also invest in sports shorts and shoes. (No Jeans whiling doing sports anymore!) I should change my attitude to be professional, otherwise it will be even shameful to show up at the badminton court.

What’s changing me is the environment. I was playing in an unprofessional manner for almost 15 years, and all people around me were unprofessional. So I never think of that I should be serious about playing badminton, and I should work on polishing some of the hard parts. I will never get to be good this way, and I will get get more fun out of it this way. I now believe that part of the fun from doing things is being really good at it. If not, we should work on the hard part to be really good at it!

I talked about this with a friend who is doing her master degree at Saudi Arabia. She knows many Chinese students who have had some experience in the US, and many of them are very “professional” badminton players, different from Chinese students there directly from China. I feel maybe part of the good thing of this country is that people take many things serious, and getting all the gears to do it.

Similarly, I was “thinking critically” for all my life, but never know how to think like a professional researcher until I became a PhD student. I was using social media sites for so many years, but never know how to do research about it, until I am taking TECH621 Social Internet this semester~All these provide immerse environment for being professional.